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What are the Three Paradigms of Retirement Income Planning?

When you Google “retirement planning” you typically get results about 401ks or investing. On the search topic of retirement, you get few results on how to plan for, transition into, and/or prudently sustain income once retired. The term “retirement” brings to mind, and Google finds results on, the savings and investing part. However, the use […]

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Volatility — One of The Biggest Threats, Yet People Focus on Returns

Most investors focus their attention on investment returns. They understand there’s risk – but … what does risk mean? One meaning of risk is not having the money when it is needed. Another meaning is that the returns change – in others words, returns are variable or volatile. So how does volatility change your focus? First a discussion on volatility through the […]

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Are You Headed for Retirement Disaster?

Gone are the days of work, golden watch and retirement with a pension. Few companies offer pensions today and government workers are also being shifted to retirement savings plans where they contribute instead of being solely employer based. Longevity was shorter when pensions were the rule so the pension plan was on the hook for […]

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How to Use “Dynamic Updating” to Determine a Prudent Retirement Income Based on Age

This article is a brief summary of how all of our * research papers tie together to modernize the retirement income measurement from your investments. In other words, how to determine a prudent amount of retirement income. Advisers generally annually update plans with their clients. An important part of this update process is capturing new […]

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What is inflation? Is it really important?

Inflation is a persistent increase in general prices in an economy which results in a loss of purchasing power. The effect of price increases is insidious because we remember what the price was a short time ago, but not prices longer ago. Let’s take a look at both how prices have gone up and the […]

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Figuring How Long You’ll Live. Why is this important? @AdviceIQ

When it comes to retirement income, how long does that income need to last? Can you just look at this once and then forget about it? The article below will explain why this is important and how longevity slowly changes (it gets shorter) as you age … BUT … that end age slowly gets older […]

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Timing Retirement Myth @AdviceIQ

Some people may have this idea that when you retire impacts how much you may take from your portfolio for income. This is a myth. The idea comes from thinking that someone who retires with a higher portfolio balance is “lucky” to be able to have a higher income from that balance when using the common […]

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2014 tax rates

Myth – Your taxes will go down in retirement

This thought is so wide spread it is commonly accepted as truth. In fact, this seems to be so ingrained it is almost an excuse not to have to save that much for retirement  … “Why save so much when taxes will be less?” So why do I say this idea is a myth? Let’s walk through this by starting […]

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The Dynamic Effect of Saving More

What is the dynamic effect of saving more? It is how you reach your retirement goal sooner than expected. Why? Because most retirement calculators fail to make a key adjustment when calculating when you may retire. When you save for retirement the calculator basically tells you how long it will take to reach a target […]

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