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Comparing Immediate Annuities with Managed Portfolios

Dr Wade Pfau made a video as part of the American College’s Wealth Channel series on our recent research working paper titled “Lifetime Expected Income Breakeven Comparison between SPIAs and Managed Portfolios” posted for download on SSRN. Direct to the blog and video link (3:40). Note: if you click photo … it will also take you to the […]

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Uh, Sorry…Can We Have That Back?

The deeper I got into research on sustaining retirement income the more I wondered how an insurance company could offer and sustain their promised income benefits? The answer it seems is that they can’t. This article by Alan Levine in Wealth Management titled Uh, Sorry…Can We Have That Back? | Insurance content from WealthManagement.com explains what […]

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How does an Annuity compare to Total Return Retirement Income?

The promise from an insurance company … lifelong income you can’t outlive. This is true. But … what is an alternative? Total Return is an alternative. Money does not know whether is comes from dividends, interest or gains. Since the mid-1990’s peer-reviewed research has been done by academics and practitioners (I am one of those practitioners) about distributing […]

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Variable Annuity

Variable annuities: Buyer beware

Many people are skittish about stock markets these days. They seek stock market returns without stock market risk. Insurance companies appear to offer this cake and ability to eat it too through Variable Annuity products. What about those guarantees from insurance companies that come with Variable Annuities? Variable annuities have a “real” account value and also […]

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How Much is Too Much (Taking too much in retirement)?

How much can you withdraw from your nest egg each year without running out of money before you die? There is no single approach the industry has settled on yet, and probably won’t be due to conflicting interests between product based solutions versus a process based solution. This article (link at bottom) by Kelly Greene is […]

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