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It’s an honor! But just what is involved as someone’s executor?

People don’t have experience being someone’s executor. When someone names you … what happens when the time comes for you to do your duty? More than you think! What is the difference between a trustee and an executor? The attached syndicated article explains. Adviceiq executor article from Better Financial Education   Original blog …   So … […]

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Is there a difference between advice and advisers?

First, there is a difference between Financial Planning, Investment Advice and Retirement Planning. Financial Planning is taking you from where you are to where you want to go. Investment advice is structuring your resources towards that goal … and many confuse the investments with the goal. Without a goal, what would be a proper investment? Without […]

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What are your odds of living past 100?

Higher than you might think. And the older you get, the better your odds! Many people discount the odds of reaching very old age. Clare Ansberry’s article (“Contestants Race to Map DNA of 100 Centenarians”) about mapping the DNA of Centenarians is the latest manifestation that what was once rare, is becoming more common. People are […]

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Latest research into sustainable retirement distributions

A structural problem with pensions, annuities, and first generation “safe withdrawal rate” methodology, is a disconnect of benefits paid (fixed or fixed with COLAs) from the underlying asset values required to support those promised benefits. Underlying asset values supporting retirement in any scheme are variable and may decrease in value, temporarily or permanently, due to market […]

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What do I do as an adviser? Is it just investing?

Yes, I do provide investing assistance to help put in place a properly structured asset allocation based on different asset classes that help diversify, and rebalance, your holdings as an Investment Adviser. The resulting portfolio, or portfolios, form the foundation based on passive indexes. Indexing is used to remove “management drag” on returns that come from mutual fund […]

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Diversification … how many pieces to the pie?

First, what is the difference between diversification and asset allocation? Diversification means the mathematical process to reduce risk through the use of many different types of assets.  Diversification: on Wikipedia. Asset class is the definition of the types of assets that go into diversification formulas. Asset Class discussion on Investopedia. Asset allocation is when risk versus reward are […]

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How Much is Too Much (Taking too much in retirement)?

How much can you withdraw from your nest egg each year without running out of money before you die? There is no single approach the industry has settled on yet, and probably won’t be due to conflicting interests between product based solutions versus a process based solution. This article (link at bottom) by Kelly Greene is […]

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