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ready to retire

“So You Think You are Ready to Retire?”

Thoughts of retirement are typically about the financial aspects of retirement. Typically, the other things to think about are forgotten or little understood. Even while aging in retirement, people are unsure about what they’re experiencing and how to relate to those experiences. Now, there’s a great book that talks about everything, with very little about money, in […]

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take a guess

Retirement Plan Participants Guess at Savings Goals

This article, by Danielle Andrus at AdvisorOne, talks about the large percentage of retirees who guess at how much they need to retire. These numbers about how many people are guessing are scary! There is no need to guess. There are easy and rational ways to answer the questions when can you retire and how much you need beyond Social Security […]

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Retirement – Simplified!

Confused how to determine what to do for retirement? You know you’d like to support today’s standard of living … but how do you translate that easily into a retirement number? When can you retire? Investing … what’s more important – contributions (pre-), draw downs (post-), or returns (both pre- and post-retirement)?   These short articles put things […]

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goal posts

Moving your retirement goal posts?

Most people believe the purpose of investing is to make money. However, under that perspective, it is impossible not to move the goal posts … How much is enough? Greed says there’s never enough. But, under the perspective of sustaining your Standard of Individual Living (SOIL), there is just one answer to the question How […]

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Retirement planning mistakes.

There are a number of mistakes people make when they plan for retirement. Misperceptions may be a better word. The current global economy has exposed many of these misperceptions. This article briefly describes a few of them. Advice iq retirement planning mistakes from Better Financial Education

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Latest research into sustainable retirement distributions

A structural problem with pensions, annuities, and first generation “safe withdrawal rate” methodology, is a disconnect of benefits paid (fixed or fixed with COLAs) from the underlying asset values required to support those promised benefits. Underlying asset values supporting retirement in any scheme are variable and may decrease in value, temporarily or permanently, due to market […]

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Social Security statements are now available online.

Social Security statements are now available online.

Social Security statements are now available online. After suspending the mailing of annual statements to save money, the Social Security Administration has worked out the security details necessary to make the statements accessible online (The system taps into Equifax, the credit reporting agency, which maintains obscure information like where you lived 15 years ago and […]

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Seniors: Do You want to Age in Place?

We are either young with older parents, or are older ourself. Either way, you probably know someone who is a senior, or getting there, who has a wish to continue to live in their own home as long as they can. This is a great goal … however, there are some things to consider! The most […]

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