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withdrawal rates and POF

How to Use “Dynamic Updating” to Determine a Prudent Retirement Income Based on Age

This article is a brief summary of how all of our * research papers tie together to modernize the retirement income measurement from your investments. In other words, how to determine a prudent amount of retirement income. Advisers generally annually update plans with their clients. An important part of this update process is capturing new […]

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Markets go Up and They go Down | 6 Principles to Cope

People worry when markets are near the top (“Is this a bubble?). People worry when markets are lower than they were (“Is this a crash?”). Here are some guidelines to keep you “on the road” even while the markets are twisting and turning – which they always will! 1) Revisit or develop your Investment Policy […]

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When is it time to worry?

Below is a great summary about how most people try to invest in anything, let alone gold or commodities. Gold? Yep! Those become popular again when fear is in the air. But is popular the way to go? As soon as you change something, the popularity changes. If not gold, then it’s something else that fearful […]

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broccoli wikipedi free

The Brocoli and Pizza Portfolio Approaches

The enclosed article entertains while it describes the difference between investing as a means to an end, rather than the end itself. This article will very briefly describe how easy it is to get the two confused. There are a lot of foibles that lead many to fool themselves that they can be above average and […]

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Dow Jones

Whew! We are back near market peaks! Yippee? Or, oh-no?

The market (Dow) closed today (Friday the 25th of January) at  13,895.98 near the market peak of 14,164.53 on October 9th 2007. This means the Dow is now within 268.55 points of that record high (or under 2% within the record … certainly within reach of going over the record). Emotionally, this appears to be cause for […]

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What do dogs and cats have to do with commodities?

Rick Kahler writes an entertaining summary that puts how commodities are priced into perspective. Why are some commodities priced higher than others? Popularity, supply and demand, usefulness, and even marketing. Please read the short article linked to above for an entertaining explanation of commodity pricing … it should cause you pause next time you get all excited […]

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buy sell panic

Sell in May and Go Away?

I just read an interesting white paper Sell in May and Go Away? Market Timing and Stock Return Seasonality by RONNIE R. SHAH, May 2012, Dimensional Basically this paper asks the question if May, as opposed to picking any of other 11 Months to sell (in other words, small changes to the strategy), makes any […]

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Those darn speculators again! But wait, where are they now?

Speculators are easy to pick on since they don’t seem to do anything except make money (funny, you never hear about those who lose money … but they do). But wait, where are they now? Where did they go? Did they disappear waiting for the next round of high prices? Nope! They are still active […]

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