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How do you use APR to calculate loan costs?

Lately it seems that many people are receiving offers to refinance their mortgages. Should you refinance? What does that offer tell you about expenses? It does say something about expenses. Here’s how you may determine what they’re saying those expenses are. Online there is a lot of discussion about the APR, but not a lot […]

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Monthlyy Worksheet

Is your budget sometimes caught off guard?

How do you manage those annual, twice a year, or other non-monthly expenses? How can you convert these non-recurring expenses into a monthly amount so your budget can handle them each month … and THEN MORE IMPORTANTLY … have the money already set aside to pay these “out of the blue” bills? Of course, these aren’t really unexpected […]

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simple steps

What is inflation? Is it really important?

Inflation is a persistent increase in general prices in an economy which results in a loss of purchasing power. The effect of price increases is insidious because we remember what the price was a short time ago, but not prices longer ago. Let’s take a look at both how prices have gone up and the […]

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Long Term Savings, Relying On Returns, And Retirement Date Risk – Kitces | Nerd’s Eye View

Kitces blog (Long Term Savings, Relying On Returns, And Retirement Date Risk – Kitces | Nerd’s Eye View) makes the excellent point that the traditional method of investment planning (save an amount and rely on compounding to work its magic) has some, heretofore unrecognized risks. Mainly it relies on the compounding magic to work in the […]

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Manage Spending at Any Age @AdviceIQ

Spending and saving are the inverse of each other. Spend more means you save less. Save more means you spend less. People let their “Present Self” over power the needs of their “Future Self.” This conflict within yourself is what financial planning is all about … how to balance the two. My article displayed below, syndicated […]

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stretch ira

What is a Stretch IRA?

You don’t “buy” a Stretch IRA from any company. This is a concept where heirs are able to stretch out how long an inherited IRA can last over their shorter lifespan … while the IRA owner does not this ability. True, the owner can stretch it as long as they live by only taking their Required Minimum Distribution … but the owner’s […]

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Latest research into sustainable retirement distributions

A structural problem with pensions, annuities, and first generation “safe withdrawal rate” methodology, is a disconnect of benefits paid (fixed or fixed with COLAs) from the underlying asset values required to support those promised benefits. Underlying asset values supporting retirement in any scheme are variable and may decrease in value, temporarily or permanently, due to market […]

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total return

Retirement Income is a process, rather than product.

Most people think of their investment portfolio as “principal,” “dividends,” “interest,” “capital gains,” etc. However, this view looks at money as if money knows where it came from. Money is fungible (fungibility), it is interchangeable and does not “know” its source. Another common perception is the need to protect principal and live off of dividends […]

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