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Many confuse investing with planning.

Many people confuse investing as the goal rather than planning which determines the purpose. Planning is how you determine the goal. The goal is the answer to the questions “What is it for?” and the “Why?” for the money. If you just invest without a goal, then you become victim of the whims of the markets […]

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Your financial journey … Where are you? Where are you going?

Many people struggle with trying to develop a perspective on their finances. As a result, they only see money coming in and money going out. However, they miss the connections money has to what they are really trying to do with their lives. This is no fault of their own. Who’s going to teach them […]

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Welcome to the Better Financial Education Blog!

Welcome to the Better Financial Education Blog! I will approach my blog through the concept of an iceberg, there is a bit above the water, and more below the water. My blog posts will be much like the little bit you see here that is above the water. In other words, simply a short expression […]

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