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What are the Three Paradigms of Retirement Income Planning?

When you Google “retirement planning” you typically get results about 401ks or investing. On the search topic of retirement, you get few results on how to plan for, transition into, and/or prudently sustain income once retired. The term “retirement” brings to mind, and Google finds results on, the savings and investing part. However, the use […]

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“So You Think You are Ready to Retire?”

Thoughts of retirement are typically about the financial aspects of retirement. Typically, the other things to think about are forgotten or little understood. Even while aging in retirement, people are unsure about what they’re experiencing and how to relate to those experiences. Now, there’s a great book that talks about everything, with very little about money, in […]

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Are You Headed for Retirement Disaster?

Gone are the days of work, golden watch and retirement with a pension. Few companies offer pensions today and government workers are also being shifted to retirement savings plans where they contribute instead of being solely employer based. Longevity was shorter when pensions were the rule so the pension plan was on the hook for […]

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The Brocoli and Pizza Portfolio Approaches

The enclosed article entertains while it describes the difference between investing as a means to an end, rather than the end itself. This article will very briefly describe how easy it is to get the two confused. There are a lot of foibles that lead many to fool themselves that they can be above average and […]

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The Dynamic Effect of Saving More

What is the dynamic effect of saving more? It is how you reach your retirement goal sooner than expected. Why? Because most retirement calculators fail to make a key adjustment when calculating when you may retire. When you save for retirement the calculator basically tells you how long it will take to reach a target […]

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From planning to investing (Part 1 of 3)

Most people get planning and investing mixed up … or worse, think they’re the same. Investing without a plan is like jumping in the car for a trip without knowing where the destination is, how to get there, where they are on the way, nor how much money or gas they’ll need. Sometimes that’s fun for […]

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Is there a difference between advice and advisers?

First, there is a difference between Financial Planning, Investment Advice and Retirement Planning. Financial Planning is taking you from where you are to where you want to go. Investment advice is structuring your resources towards that goal … and many confuse the investments with the goal. Without a goal, what would be a proper investment? Without […]

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Retirement – Simplified!

Confused how to determine what to do for retirement? You know you’d like to support today’s standard of living … but how do you translate that easily into a retirement number? When can you retire? Investing … what’s more important – contributions (pre-), draw downs (post-), or returns (both pre- and post-retirement)?   These short articles put things […]

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